Bella Parodi – Bunny in Pencil

Hello again! This is my third post as the April Bella Parodi guest designer.   As soon as I saw this digital stamp I was immediately inspired with several ways to use it.   I just love the results you can get using colored pencils on kraft card stock – it takes this card in a completely different direction!

IMG_1790 2

I’m using the same digital stamp I used for my first guest post, which I’m showing below so you can see what a difference using a new medium can make! To find out more on how I created the first card, click here.

To make this card I printed out the digital stamp on Neenah card stock in ‘desert storm’. I changed the print color settings so that I’d get a light gray rendering of the digi stamp instead of black, allowing me to do ‘no line’ coloring. Then the fun began! Using my prismacolor colored pencils I started with my darkest pencil color for each object I IMG_1743colored in and laid down color in the shadows using light pressure. Next, I’d take my mid-tone(s) and build up the color over the shadow and moving towards the center of each object to create ‘roundness’ for each shape. Finally, using my lightest color, with that same light pressure, I’d color in the highlight of each object. I repeated this process several times for each object, increasing the pressure of my pencil each time until I filled in the ‘tooth’ of the page.

If you’re interested in re-creating this look here are the colors I used:

  • Bunny: dark umber, light umber, beige sienna, white; eyes: sepia
  • Flower 1: white, lavender, mulberry, black raspberry; leaves: lime peel, artichoke, moss green
  • Flower 2: deco peach, deco, pink, process red, white; leaves: pale sage, Kelly green, peacock green
  • Pot: Tuscan red, terracotta, clay rose, peach beige
  • Pot flower: petals: rosy beige, clay rose, chestnut; center: jasmine, beige; leaves: pale sage, sap green light, jade green
  • Ground: sandbar, sienna
  • Sky: powder blue, blue slate
  • Grass: grass green, dark green, light green



To find this and other great digital stamps, check out Bella Parodi’s store. Click here for a direct link! Thanks so much for stopping by!



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